A quick look: Hornady’s 308 Win 150 gr InterLock SP American Whitetail

A few weeks ago, I was at Bass Pro with my wife in search of some match grade factory 308 ammo. They did not have any match grade ammo in stock. I did come across the Hornady 150 gr American Whitetail ammo. I decided to purchase a box and give it a try; the box of 20 ran me $22.99 plus tax. After a few more weeks, I finally took them to the range to test them out (along with some of my reloads) through my Remington 700 SPS Tactical. This specific round is advertised as a hunting round so it is by no means a match grade round. I was curious to see how this ammo would perform so I ran a few tests on it.


I took 4 shots through my Chrony Alpha Master and got the following results:

  • 2821 fps
  • 2819 fps
  • 2833 fps
  • 2835 fps

The chronograph was set up 15 feet away from the muzzle. Given these numbers, the average was 2827 fps with a standard deviation of 8.12. Interestingly enough, the advertised velocity is 2820 coming out of a 24 inch barrel. Either my chrono was improperly set up (sunlight directly on the diffusers) or these rounds were loaded quite hot. The accuracy on these rounds were right at about 1 MOA at 100 yards. I am pretty sure that this ammunition can group better than I can shot but I was able to achieve 1 MOA.


The recoil on these were quite normal for a 308. These rounds performed quite well. However, I would like to retest them through my chronograph since it seemed somewhat strange that I was getting the advertised velocities through a 20 inch barrel. Overall, the accuracy on these rounds were great for a hunting round at 100 yards. Beyond 100 yards, I’m not sure how these rounds would perform but I would guess that they would perform well. Would I purchase this round again? Sure, I would.


One final note is on the primers. When looking at the primers on the casings, I did notice that they varied in color. Some looked as if they were Winchester Primers while other looked like they were CCI primers. They were also crimped into the case. I wonder if the variation in primers could have played a role in the accuracy of the round? But then again, it could’ve been me.